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The time is now to replace your undercarriage! Our undercarriage shop is capable of complete track roller frame straightening, realigning and rebuilding. A twin ram track press provides professional pin and bushing turns. We also offer a complete inventory of track rollers and idlers to help keep cost down.

Custom Track Service
It makes good sense to manage your undercarriage investment whether you operate just one track-type machine or an entire fleet. Looking at the total picture, including not only price but wear life, maintenance options and downtime, give you a true picture of undercarriage values based on cost per hour. CAT Custom Track Service can lower your cost per hours to operate because of these two basics:

  • Basic #1 CAT undercarriage is designed as a matched system and will wear at a balanced rate.
  • Basic #2 CAT offers planning advice and experience of a Custom Track Service (CTS) specialist who is highly trained and totally committed to helping you achieve the lowest cost per hour for your machine.

Your personal CTS specialist will help you plan regularly scheduled track inspections, select the right options for your application, and make decisions based on facts, not on speculation!

For more information and a FREE Undercarriage Inspection call Tom Spicer at 510.618.2269.