to meet the needs of your application

Full-powered modules are available from many wheel-type machines such as tractors, excavators, skidders, trucks and more. From hitches and goosenecks to suspension cylinders and stub axles, Peterson offers you components designed for heavy-duty off-road applications that also demand maximum maneuverability. And, depending on your application needs, you may choose from horsepower ranges of 77 hp to over 1700 hp.

Powertrain options include:

  • Wheel Loaders/Integrated Toolcarriers (12 models)
  • Wheel Tractors/Compactors (9 models)
  • Wheel-Type Excavators (4 models)
  • Wheel Tractor Scrapers (3 models)
  • Wheel Skidders (3 models)
  • Off-Highway Trucks (5 models)
  • Articulated Trucks (8 models)
  • Motor Graders (6 models)
  • Wheeled Backhoe Loaders (5 models)